Gojulen is the offspring of Goku the 3rd but due to 1/4 of shenron being fused with him at birth he is

considered as the strongest Saiyan of his time. Because 1/4 of shenron is in him he can visit hell to visit

Goku and his ancestors usually to eat or gain wisdom. During his free time he usually try's to tap into his

inner shenron to transform into ssj5. He couldn't do this feat until he saw his wife blow up. When his

Brother goku the 4th arrived he trained him till goku the 4th reached ssj currently he is trying to master ssj5


Dragon punch- shenrons spritit in one punch can wipe out an entire planet if given time

Ki super bomb- A kamehamheha transformed into a ki blast

7 ball kamehameha x10 superior- A very powerful attack that fuses gojulens energy and shenrons energy into one blast